Marketing Accelerator Program

Co-Founder & Program Manager

I identified university gaps that led to developing a program to prepare students for high-quality marketing positions. After pitching the program to the school's dean and senior management, we were able to obtain the necessary funding and approvals to run the program. Throughout the 10 week program, we connected students with 56 contacts across 22 companies.


Program Overview

Students take part in workshops, office visits, internal case competitions, client projects, and personal development sessions on resumes, cover letters, portfolio
development, and interview preperation

Recruitment Campaign

We ran a social media in partnership with some on-campus clubs to gain exposure and drive an increase in initial applications. After the campaign ended, we obtained 50+ applicants for the inaugural cohort and offered positions to 12 of the top tier marketing students that applied.

Students received assignments from local startups

Proxxi, Talent MarketPlace, Spark Foundation, Buzzit, and Emotive Beverages


Went to workshops run by industry leaders

Saje, SAP, Beedie School of Business, Lululemon, ReThink, Noise, MarketOne, Saxx, Pressreader, Best Buy, and Lush

Workshop leaders.JPG

And presented case solutions to world leaders

Microsoft, Visier